About your Mindfulness Coach


Everyone of USE has a passion for something to do in life. Something that is his/her dream or reality. We chouse what we like to be and how it will be. At this time, it is essential to know the road where we want to go. And yes, we can help you with directions and support.

Life is beautiful; it will allow users to grow days by days. If we chose the passion inside like we chose this road with open hearts and helping others, its the most extraordinary gift to see how they grow and reach all possibilities witch life could give us.


I can say for myself I”m a dreamer and I believe in the miraculous. I’m a father, husband and searcher for truth.
I’m thankful for your time to spend at this point and reading and searching for the truth. Please allow me to take you to my personal journey.
It all begins with my youngest age, Energy sensation show up in my hands then true all my body. Then the body starts to shake, and I was full of energy power. But this was not something great like you maybe think it’s it, it was so difficult for may-self because I start to being Hiperactiv and they thinking I have some ADHD (if I compare to diseases we know it). Effect to all my life, my school go really bad, and I was thinking about what the jack is happening. Then Its start to happening miraculous thinks it was only enough to reach the thing. I recognise what I was thinking its becoming reality. And I afraid so much, to wish to forget all this thing, it’s scared me true my bones. And my painful life its look like just began and I was so lost of my self. I beg for help, but I don’t have nobody to understand and guide me true this process. I was so alone like I come from another planet to the earth. Fear in my Boone of what I’m capable of doing is grow and grow, and positive thinking goes true negative thinking, and all was so crazy and messy.
Till its stop with a car crash and I was flying true the purest brightest light up and up—my happiest moment after many of years suffering and trying to change my energy.
Finlay, I know it the true formula of my life. In next years life guides me from my birth town to searching and understanding what we are. From Nigeria to the United Kingdon, from Mauritius to Panama, from Germany to Brazil, from Columbia to Mexico, from Egypt to the USA. Wherever I go I crash directly to the local “shaman”, “Babalawo”, “spiritual teacher”. I love my work; I love tripping around the world. And I’m so thankful for this job I have then at IT. After so many years all road guide me to birth country. Wher I receive the best gift ever my wife and my son.

I´m the author of the Book Reprogram your Subsconscunes Mind

It was so many years ago, but it looks like all it is still happening now and I know it is. 

 I know how its look like If you don’t have nobody to support you, to guide you the true difficulty of spiritually awakening process. 

At this point, I make a commitment to my self to help others like a Healer, Coach, Guide and more.

This is the mission to guide me with all spiritual, to help you and so many many more of you. 

It’s not about me. It’s about all use. We need to accept we are all connected and understand to higher self. 


Andrej Karnicar B.Sc., MCMA, HHP


Free book  – Reprogram your Subconscious Mind 

We need to realize that the work is on ourselves, the process we go through, and sometimes life sends us a wake-up call that is just right for our recognition and waking up, however painful it may be at a given moment. When we realize that it is the only and true path to our happiness and satisfaction, we can only recognize it for ourselves. So trust the universe and allow yourself to recognize the signs that you send them on your growth path.