Breathing meditation

This very basic Meditation yet powerful practice for mindfulness state. The main aim behind this to concentrate on your breathing. It helps focusing on your own consciousness. The alignment with the rhythm of breathing is what you need to maintain. As your inhale you are inhaling positivity and as you exhale the negative and heavy thoughts are getting exhaled. Focusing on breathing helps increase the awareness of our mind. You can distract your mind’s consciousness to your breathing when feeling stressed out from your negative thoughts. It will help you reach the realm of calmness and silence. It needs 15 minutes from your daily routines. It claims with every proceeding day the mindfulness state increases. The basic way to do this practice is to simply concentrate on the rhythm of your breathing pattern; inhalation and exhalation. You need to sit down preferably on the floor on a mat rather than your bed. Get comfortable. Eyes closed. It’s easier to concentrate while eyes are closed. It includes fewer distractions. It claims doing this everyday basis results in easy dealing with difficult situations. Feel the natural flow of your breathing. Don’t stress it over. Observe the pattern of your breathing. Let it go how it goes. Feeling your body is getting filled with joy and happiness, with every breath you take it’s a blessing. Breathing develops focusing ability in individuals. This helps in some breathing problems as well. It allows your lungs to have as much oxygen needed and stabilize the oxygen level in your body.

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