Mindfulness and benefits to daily life

Meditation brings tranquillity. Meditation relaxes our minds. It connects us with our higher-selves. Mindfulness is categorised as a type of meditation in which you focus on being profoundly acquainted with the sensation and feeling in the present moment without interpretation or discrimination. Mindfulness involves breathing methods, Guided visualisations and other implementations for the relaxation of body and mind and help reduce stress. When spending time upon strategic planning, problem solving, day- dreaming or encountering heavy negative thoughts can be exhausting. Constantly getting worried about the negative thoughts you get are more likely to indulge with experiencing anxiety and depression. Practicing mindfulness practices will help you distract from these mind traps. Mindfulness exercises will not demand any effort. Simply by paying attention and observing things around you. Spare some time to experience every little moment. Live in the present moment. Open up your mind; bring in your consciousness and accept everything that happened in the past. Love yourself. No one is more important than you are to your own self. Accept yourself the way you. No one is more perfect than you are. Sit silently and focus on your breathing. Relax your mind. Concentrate on your breathing as you inhale and exhale, while exhaling release all the negative thoughts trapped in your head. The time for meditating totally depends upon what kind of exercise you are planning to do. Simple mindfulness exercises won’t ask much time from you. Just sitting silently without any interruptions and disturbances. This exercise preferably is done in the morning as it’s a new day with new energies and thoughts. It will help rebuild your pattern of thoughts in your mind. Set an intention in the morning right after you wake up, about anything positive. Start off your day with blissful and peaceful thoughts. Give your mind time to heal. As you move forward everyday with one positive thought; you are heading towards a life full of positivity. Abundance lies within you. You just need to find it out in silence and believe. Belief has the power to actually transform your life. Give it a shot and there you have your happy life. Experiences will be part of life; they will never be your life. Don’t let negative thoughts affect you. You are way stronger than this. Divine has made a path and journey for every individual. It’s different for everyone. Find yours. Gather courage and walk onto it, you will find your beautiful destination.  

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