You can join One o One Quantum LIVE Healing Session

The following are all potential experiences after Quantum Healing session:

  • A feeling of extreme bliss and peacefulness
  • Energy moving throughout the body
  • Heat throughout the body
  • Potential disappearance of illness and ailments (either after 1-3 sessions or less than 6 months later)
  • A sense of “oneness” with the universe
  • A feeling of the presence of angels or other supportive beings in the room during healing sessions
  • Release and partial or complete recovery from subconscious emotional trauma
  • A feeling of complete and total relaxation
  • Visual images of beautiful colors throughout the session
  • Some feel or sense nothing at the moment (later they experience shifts/changes)
  • Inner Visions

I only access and direct the Quantum Field true process of activation.  I do not focus on a particular ailment cure.  I can neither claim credit, nor take responsibility for what occurs.

That being said, Quantum Healing can help with any type of challenge, whether it’s physical, spiritual, mental or emotional (or some combination thereof). Yet there are no guarantees. Three people with the same chronic illness might experience three very different healings. If one heals from the illness and another heals deep emotional wounds, is the healing a failure?

As much as possible, come to this work with anticipation and not with a specific outcome in mind. Definitely do not try to help this energy along while you are experiencing your session.  This is an experience that takes place between you and Divine Source of Quantum, and how it will reveal itself remains to be seen.

What is Quantum Healing

Quantum healing is a controversial form of mind-body medicine wherein a fundamental change in consciousness is said to produce a profound healing of the body-mind. The term “quantum healing” was introduced by Deepak Chopra, M.D., in his book Quantum Healing (1989) to explain certain types of sudden and dramatic healing of the human body, such as spontaneous remissions, that are not understood by conventional medicine.

Chopra postulates that these extraordinary forms of healing are related to understandings of quantum physics and of consciousness.

Just as quantum physics aims to describe physical phenomena normally hidden at a subatomic level, so quantum healing is directed to healing the body-mind from a deep, unmanifest level of consciousness. The mind and body are expressions of this profound consciousness, which Chopra calls the “quantum mechanical body.” Chopra identifies the quantum mechanical body with the quantum level of physical reality.

He maintains that we can activate profound healing of the mind and body by consciously accessing this quantum level of our being.

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Love Donation Quantum Healing

Here at Quantum Healing, we believe everyone deserves the right to continue their Spiritual awakening. The way we see it, the path to self-love, self-discovery, and self-growth is a right. Not a privilege. Our Dream is to see every individuals, educate themselves and discover the inner-peace and bliss that lies right within themselves. The wealth of happiness and contentment that lies within all of us is accessible with the right tools. Help us make this dream a reality.

Quantum world is wold of change we receive what we give back all is energy.

Donate whatever you feel you are able. Give what you can afford, from $1 up to $100. The Quantum Healing One o One Session at $155.

If you can give more, please do, but whatever you can truly afford is perfect. Know that your Love Donation goes back into our studio- and to you!

Thank you for supporting my work.

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