Different types of Meditations

Breathing meditation

This very basic Meditation yet powerful practice for mindfulness state. The main aim behind this to concentrate on your breathing. It helps focusing on your own consciousness. The alignment with the rhythm of breathing is what you need to maintain. As your inhale you are inhaling positivity and as you exhale the negative and heavy thoughts are getting exhaled. Focusing on breathing helps increase the awareness of our mind. You can distract your mind's consciousness to your breathing when feeling stressed out from your negative thoughts. It will help you reach the realm of calmness and silence. It needs 15 minutes from your daily routines. It claims with every proceeding day the mindfulness state increases. The basic way to do this practice is to simply concentrate on the rhythm of your breathing pattern; inhalation and exhalation. You need to sit down preferably on the floor on a mat rather than your bed. Get comfortable. Eyes closed. It’s easier to concentrate while eyes are closed. It includes fewer distractions. It claims doing this everyday basis results in easy dealing with difficult situations. Feel the natural flow of your breathing. Don’t stress it over. Observe the pattern of your breathing. Let it go how it goes. Feeling your body is getting filled with joy and happiness, with every breath you take it’s a blessing. Breathing develops focusing ability in individuals. This helps in some breathing problems as well. It allows your lungs to have as much oxygen needed and stabilize the oxygen level in your body.

Mindfulness Meditation

It’s a type of meditation in which you need to concentrate on being profoundly aware of your own sensations and feelings of the present moment, without getting distracted or judged. This meditation involves breathing exercises, guided meditations, meditating with music which basically relaxes the body as well as mind. It helps in reducing stress, anxiety and depression. The practices related to Mindfulness will help distract you from your own overpowering negative thoughts and focusing upon the good things you have in your life. It will lead to the feeling of gratitude. The more you feel grateful about the little things the more you attract happiness. If you feel carried away in your heavy thoughts. Observe which though troubles you the most. Observe where your mind goes with the flow, without any interruption or disturbances. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Every time you get carried away, return your consciousness on your breathing. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly. Be in the present moment. The other type is sitting meditation where you can sit in any position. This meditation includes concentrating, breathing, body, sounds, thoughts and feeling. It expands your awareness about the predominant thought in your consciousness. Keep your body in a straight posture and bring your awareness towards your body. Try feeling the sensations in your body. While focusing on your body, gradually your thoughts will start fading away.

Transcendental Meditation

This is a silent mantra meditation. This meditation involves 20 minutes twice per day while sitting with closed eyes. This meditation is determined as both religious and non-religious. The history for this meditation is over 50 years and has seen in the mass media and proficient global distribution. It has been used as celebrity and scientific approvals as a marketing tool. This meditation has an intense impact on our minds. In order to seek calmness or desires to slow down the rapid negative thoughts then meditation is very helpful for you. Sit in a comfortable posture and keep your hands in your lap. Let your body feel relaxed. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths in order to relax your body. Eyes will be closed during the 20 minute practice. Repeat a mantra in your mind. Whenever you feel like you are getting confused in your thoughts return to your mantra. After 20 minutes of this meditation. Sit for a few more minutes until you feel ready to continue with your day. This practice reduces stress caused by daily negative events. It controls anxiety and helps focus on positivity. It also promotes emotional stability, and makes your mental health stronger. Mental health is the fundamental part of life. It helps balance it and promotes high vibration.

Visualization Meditation

Your dreams are within you in the form of visions. What you think is what you attract. Nothing is impossible for you. The power of your mind is beyond everything. This meditation works with the power of your visualization. As you sit in the silence. Relax your body. Let go of all the negative energies. Open the doorway for positive thoughts. Start imaging your dream. Try to feel every moment in that visualization. Feel as if it’s already happening. Be happy as much as you can. Have faith in your dreams and visualizations. All you need to do is to uncover the magic lies within you. There are two ways for doing this meditation. The first one is to quickly sit for a few minutes and visualize your dream. The other one is to sit back, feeling relaxed. Go deep into your thoughts. Visualize every single detail about the event or dream. When you meditate it increases the ability to concentrate. The thought repeated so many times in your subconscious mind becomes the reality. While meditating and visualising the most often thought you get will be the one which triggers you the most. No need to worry let that thought pass away. You don’t need to fix everything in your life all in one go. Keep your focus on just one part of your life.

Healing Meditation

There are a total 7 chakras in your body. They are aligned with the body parts and are responsible for smoothly working on those specific parts. This meditation can be done with crystals as well. Crystals have high potential to contain high vibrations or positive energies. Sit comfortably at one place, put your palm right above your head and the other one below your abdomen. Close your eyes. Rest your hands there for a few minutes. The chakras are healing. Slowly move your hand towards your forehead where your third eye is located and the other one will be kept on your abdomen. Keep your hands like this for a few minutes and then slowly move your hand towards your throat and the other one just above your navel. Keep your hands there for a while, meditate. Gradually move your hand towards your heart and the other one as well. Keep both the hands on your heart chakra. In this manner you can align or balance your chakras. Open your eyes, let negative energies leave your mind. Allow positivity to enter your mind. Sometimes your chakras have a strong impact on your life. They really need to be balanced in order to have a positive lifestyle.

Hypnotic Meditation

This is the meditation of extreme consciousness and self- focus. This practice is special in the case where an individual’s long back memory needs to bring up. This demands extreme attention. In this meditation the main aim is to relax and silent the mind. It helps change the way we think at the time when facing challenges. It helps shift our focus. It shifts the focus mainly from the problems to solutions. During this type of meditation an individual is said to be focused and concentrated towards the subjects and show an enhanced response to the suggestions. This practice can be practiced in other ways as well, such as for pain management. Sometimes the acute and chronic pain of people is being treated with hypnotherapy. It is also used in anti-smoking sessions. An individual in this state of hypnosis has focused on their consciousness and has increased suggestibility.

Guided Meditation