who is …. and why

After 22 years of searching and understanding the difference in ourselves and traveling around the world, I have been given a different and more genuine understanding of ourselves as the highest and cleaner forms.

Through the process of accepting and understanding, I became acquainted with many different techniques and methods, which allowed me to deepen my depth into my existence, which was not easy.

A different fight began, the struggle for light (information) and the topic (disinformation), did not want me to face even deeper perception. But I am, and I am truly grateful, as I understand and watch things from a different angle today.

And I serve my highest purpose mission so that I can open every door to the individual, to his true depth.

It does not matter what we are and who we are important is what is in us who are burning.

And the understanding of QUANTUM Healing is not just improving the feeling, but what is most pleasing to me is the lighting of the light. Allow the light to light in you and look at life from the bright side – this is the purpose and task of each of us, so let’s connect and be one.

……………………………………………….. we do not have enough information (lights) to be able to understand difference.

Andrej Karnicar

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